Secret #1 #onlinedating #awkwardmoment 

Last year I broke up with my ex boyfriend. Things weren’t always beautiful in our relationship we found ourselves arguing more and more every day. I finally decided to call it a quit and moved out and lived with a friend. I found myself reborn again like I felt few kilos off my chest, I could finally breath in and enjoy the air I inhaled. I enjoyed being single and did not crave for any man’s attention for the first time ever. I realised how much I actually loved myself. I looked into the mirror each day as I apply my makeup and seriously fell in love with myself again. I was actually happy that my mind was finally free. #singlelady

Few weeks later I met up with my girlfriend for dinner in Sydney Darling Habour. We laughed as we shared our relationship failure stories, she then told me about POF, known as “Plenty Of Fish”. She mentioned to me that her cousin found her boyfriend on POF. I was so curious about this site I actually got home on the same night searched it up, and created myself an account. I uploaded some photos and straight away I was getting messages from guys saying “hi” “how was your day”, “do you want to meet up”. I was overwhelmed with how much attention I had over just 3 photos. I was replying back to a few, ignore a couple of rude ones too. #famous

I found myself enjoying the interactions i had with people I was talking to on this site. Then I came across one guy. He was sexy, cute, very charming with his approach and was Arab . We exchanged numbers and exchange photos. His photos were very alluring. He started calling me after work everyday, I got used to this routine it was almost as if we were a couple already. We then decided to finally meet up and go for dinner. #excited

Everyone who knows me well, knows that I’m always late. So he came to pick me up and miss single lady right here was still half done with her makeup. I told him to come inside and wait for me. As he walked up the stairs to my apartment, I felt his loud thomp on the stairs as he walked up. He stopped to catch his breath. I stood at the door to greet him and to my suprise! This man was massive! He could’ve been 3 times bigger than me and I’m a size 12. He walked up and hugged me. I hugged him and my arms only stoped under his under arm I felt all the rolls. I was a lil scared I told him to wait in the lounge room while I finished up. He started fiddling with the piano in the lounge so I asked him to play something he was so excited he hoped on pushed a few keys and couldn’t play anything. He stopped playing and came to my room to help me get ready. I told him to just wait in the lounge because I was almost done. #wierd

As I was finishing up my makeup I was thinking many ways to get out of this date quick. This guy not only does not look like his pics he was massive with a beer gut. I pulled myself together and decided, go with the flow and get home straight after dinner. As we walked to his car he opened the door for me and said, “How do you like my door lights? I’ve only just installed them today.” I’m not a big car fan but my reply was, “oh cool”. They were amazing red lights flashing out of his car door like a red carpet entrance. #lol

We got to Ravesi Hotel in Bondi Beach, placed our orders that took him so long to decide because he couldn’t make up his mind what he wanted to eat. I had the feeling he was shy of ordering a steak because I ordered mushroom risotto. So after more than 5 mins trying to decide I told him “ok you’re taking too long I will choose one for you”. His eyes light up he was happy rubbing his hands saying, “ok pick me something good”. I ordered him the steak meal and he was very happy with that. We got our meals and I could see he was trying to be romantic. He tried to feed me with his steak when I clearly told him I don’t eat red meat. #no

After our meals he wanted to pay for it but I split the bill and paid for mine. He was fine with it. We then went for a drive, he started singing in the car. We drove to Watson’s Bay and he played music in the car while we were outside watching the ocean. He moved up and held me from the behind i could feel his gut on my back. I honestly felt wierd because i have never dated anyone this big. I then told him I was getting a little tired and would like to go home. We got in the car and he touched my legs, I quickly told him I had my period so he took his hands off me. He drove me home listening to slow jams. I enjoyed that because I love listening to music. #music

When I got home I was so relieved. I was finally home and so I sat there on my bed and thought about these online dating sites. It’s actually real! people actually put up their best photos, best angles and even photos from 5 years ago to lure the opposite genders. And I just happened to fall for it. Well lesson learnt after that, I blocked this man from everything and did not talk to him ever since. But that was a funny experience. #laughnow

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Resa x


Author: singlemumgiggles

I'm a single mum bar manager...I love sharing what I see, deal and put up with daily.

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